Does it hurt?
No, it does not hurt.

Will It Work?

A real-world study reported an 83% response rate, meaning that 83% of patients who completed their TMS treatment cycle saw measurable improvement in their depression symptoms.

How do I qualify?
We treat patients with a current diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder, moderate to severe, without psychotic features.
Can you treat bipolar?
We can determine the appropriateness for treatment via a free consultation appointment. Please Call 615.622.2794 to schedule a free consultation.
Are they any side effects?
There are no side effects to this treatment. You can drive yourself to the clinic and drive yourself home immediately afterwards with no changes necessary to your habits or routines.
Can I also do Ketamine therapy?
Yes, in fact, studies have shown that Ketamine treatment immediately prior to TMS can increase the benefits of the treatment.
Are there any disqualifiers?
Yes. History of seizure disorder, non-removable metal in or near the head, and psychosis are all contraindicated.
Is TMS the same as ECT?
No. TMS is non-invasive treatment with little-to-no side effects.
Is TMS like other alternative therapies that use magnets to treat some illnesses?

No. TMS techniques differ radically from the popular use of low intensity, static magnetic fields. These alternative therapies are not capable of activating brain cells.

Will my insurance pay for TMS Treatment?

TMS Treatment is accepted by most major insurances. Call us to find out what insurance we work with both in network and out of network.

Do you offer payment plans for private pay or partial insurance coverage?

Yes, flexible payment plans are available.

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