Richard Pelfrey

Director, Program Development and Implementation

Over the past twelve years, Richard Pelfrey has served as counselor, program director, executive clinical director, and consultant in the treatment of addictions and mental health issues. Richard’s focus has increasingly been on trauma; viewing the reintegration of wounding and loss as a vehicle for personal transformation. He has extensive experience and certifications in Dhyana and Nada Yoga, as well as Kundalini Yoga for addictions. Richard is also certified as a meditation leadership trainer by the Sage Institute in Taos, NM under sensei Sean Murphy of the American White Plum Zen lineage.

Richard received his certification in grief counseling through the trauma, grief and renewal program at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM with Dr. Ted Wiard. Additionally, he is trained in Brainspotting and seeks to promote redefinition and guide people to wholeness by integrating the ‘old ways’ with innovative, evidence-based practices.

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