Why we chose NeuroStar TMS
Integrative NeuroLife Center is proud to offer NeuroStar® TMS therapy in-office for treatment of depression. Our machine treats depression at the source through focused magnetic pulses (similar to an MRI), that revitalize inactive synapses in your brain. “Waking up” these connections can have a lasting effect on neurotransmitter levels, making long-term remission from depression a reality for many people.
NeuroStar® has already changed the lives of thousands of people. Maybe it can help you.


The Physicians’ Choice
NeuroStar® is the #1 physician-recommended TMS treatment, with over 4 million treatments performed, in over 115,000 people.


Proven Depression Relief
A real-world study reported an 83% response rate. This means that 83% of patients who completed their NeuroStar® treatment cycle saw measurable improvement in their depression symptoms. **12


Results That Last

NeuroStar® is the only TMS therapy with demonstrated durability*** in depression patients through one year. 5,8

Studies show that with every subsequent round of medication, the chances of remission decrease, and the chance of abandoning treatment increases. NeuroStar® is safe, effective, and proven to deliver lasting results. 6,7,17,18
Why we chose NeuroStar TMS
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NeuroStar® Patient – Kelly’s Story
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NeuroStar® Patient – Bart’s Story

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